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Qazzoo Is A Social Media Platform Connecting Businesses With Consumers

September 16, 2015
Social media platforms are as common as leaves on a tree these days. The truth is that most people don't want to get involved with another social media platform that is just another way to share pictures, look at memes, or communicate what they're thinking. There are enough of those. That is why Qazzoo is so attractive, because it offers something different.

Qazzoo is a social media platform that is used for connecting businesses with consumers. Specifically, it is being used currently as a way to put together homebuyers with companies looking to move properties. is a dynamic platform that allows people to make direct connections in the real estate market. is the brain-child of people who are tired of online advertising ineffectiveness. Frankly, online advertising is largely ignored by those it is aimed at and it has gotten increasingly expensive over the last few years. Rather than trying to run online advertisements aimed at finding home-buyers, Qazzoo offers a platform that will attract them. This means those doing the searching for homebuyers, those looking for leads, won't need to spend a dime at Instead, they can join the social media platform and make direct and genuine connections.
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